High Availability 

Intended for the organization that has zero-tolerance for down time, high availability offers the greatest amount of protection for critical data, and when properly implemented can provide near real-time redundancy. Strategic's most complete option, this solution normally uses high availability software and redundant hardware as needed to replicate your critical business applications. Why Strategic? We can host this redundant environment or help determine the most suitable software and hardware solution to achieve this level of protection. 
When used for Disaster Recovery, high availability offers its greatest protection through location in a remote facility equipped to temporarily serve as a “Command Center” in the event of a catastrophic failure. This requires extensive planning and documentation to insure all critical functions are available.  
Offering the greatest level of safety, high availability can be utilized for other purposes besides disaster recovery such as system upgrades, software upgrades, or any type of planned downtime that requires critical technology resources to be unavailable.