Facility & Recovery Services 

Available through subscription only, Disaster Recovery Services allow for access to a highly secure data center on a 7 X 24 X 365 basis. This center is equipped with state of the art technology and staffed by an experienced team of professionals who are “disaster-tested” and prepared to help subscribers protect critical assets and recover normal business activities as quickly as possible.  
Strategic Technologies offers a wide range of cost-efficient communication solutions available for hardware platforms including IBM Power Systems, Windows or Unix based servers. Solutions that provide the ability to interface a single location or as many locations as needed to get your organization back to work.  
With either a cold site, warm site, or hot site offering, Strategic provides a comprehensive service based upon your recovery time objective (RTO) and the predetermined timeline established by Executive Management for the purpose of protecting the vital assets of the organization. 
This service also provides a shipping location and business facilities as needed to accommodate an outage should other company facility be unavailable (additional charge may apply).