Desktop Drill

The procedures behind an organization’s business continuity plan are put to the test during a tabletop exercise. Participants that put together the plan would test notification lists, recovery management, tasks and responsibilities and overall communications. A tabletop exercise is more about business processes than about data in the data room. Who declares a disaster; who are the primary contacts; is the contact information valid; and, who is responsible for making the calls are just a few of the questions that need to be answered for an effective desktop drill.

A tabletop exercise can be a very useful tool to engage employees on following proper procedures in a safe setting where mistakes can be learning experiences. Running a tabletop exercise after every major disaster recovery or business continuity update can help identify any gaps or overlaps in the plan. By knowing the right moves to make should an unexpected adverse event occur, employees will have the ability to react with more confidence and insure positive DR results. Strategic Technologies offers a wide range of business continuity solutions and stand ready to help you and your organization develop processes to mitigate risk and protect the financial assets and reputation of your company.