Real Vision Imaging

"The Real System i Imaging System"

Strategic partners with Real Vision Imaging (RVI) offering a complete content management solution for any type of industry.

RVI is a system i based imaging solution that maintains all the image indexes in one native system i database.

RVI is a feature rich content management system that incorporates black & white images, color images, spool file reports and imported external documents into one imaging system that the user can easily access from their business application.

RVI imaging system provides Internet support with an RVI developed Internet viewer that is available without user fees for all RVI customers.

RVI is system i based, easy to implement and maintain, feature rich, user friendly, cost effective.

RVI provides higher work productivity, higher customer satisfaction, reduced dependency on paper, eliminates the problem of lost files or important documents

RVI eliminates the need for expensive offsite storage space

RVI provides for disaster recovery.

Contact Strategic for more information on the benefits of using the RVI imaging system versus doing "business as usual."