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Strategic Technologies specializes in business continuity planning, testing, recovery assistance, audit, training/education, and consulting. With an impressive list of clients, Strategic Technologies stands ready to help formulate, design, implement, test and document the critical business process that helps ensure continued success and avoids the financial risks associated with unplanned disruption.



At Strategic Technologies we understand the importance of comprehending your business continuity and data disaster recovery needs and communicating effectively with you while cultivating a trusting, valued partnership. Data disaster recovery in today’s environment demands new solutions and a new focus. At Strategic our objective is to approach every task with maximum integrity and efficiency. Quality service begins with understanding your needs and delivering business processes that protect your assets and profits. We are business continuity consultants, trusted advisors and true business partners.

Technology is a highly regarded aspect of Strategic Companies. Technology enables us to be more efficient and productive; but we work with people, not just technology. Our goal is to solve problems before they arise, helping clients develop a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and guiding them as it comes together. This is what we enjoy about our business. The experts at Strategic understand that our true value is in solving problems for you and being proactive rather than reactive when addressing challenges and opportunities.



Strategic Continuity Services delivers business continuity services for midrange and distributed computing environments to ensure mission-critical business functions can continue during and after a disaster.

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Disaster Recovery

What is Data Disaster Recovery? Simply stated, it is protecting data from the effects of significant negative events. Strategic Technologies has a proven track record of creating an approach with the right people, the right processes, and the right tools all available at the right time.

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IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is at the nexus of dramatic innovation with mobile as the activation point, data analysis driving differentiation and security as the enabler.  IBM Cloud offers the continuum of choices for infrastructure, platform and services to accelerate digital business.

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