Keeping Information Available

Information security has never been more visible or vulnerable than it is today.  For the first time in our economic history we realize there is much more to worry about than a system disaster or an occasional natural disaster. We have seen acts of terrorism, employee sabotage, and even computer hackers bring companies to a standstill.  The threats are real and the need to address them is immediate.  Yet the choices for help in planning for and recovering from downtime are few, especially if you require experts in midrange and distributed computing.  Strategic has the know-how, the facilities, and the experience to make the solution and implementation happen; and with our team of experts help you prepare for any type of downtime or disruption.
Understand.  Engage.  Prepare.  Strategic Technologies provides your roadmap for strategic solutions.  Whether your business requires broad enterprise analysis, system testing and validation, hands on technical training, simple application-specific services or data recovery assistance we offer state-of-the-art, highly secure data center facilities with Certified Technical Specialists.  Our singular mission is to deliver affordable high value solutions to ensure your continued journey to success.